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Invented in 1990, Silestone’s combination of practicality and desirable looks has made it one of the world’s most popular natural quartz surfaces.

Quartz is an extremely hard natural stone, making Silestone highly durable. Quartz is the fourth hardest natural stone with only sapphire, topaz and diamond being more durable.

This high durability gives Silestone a great shock resistance, higher than most other natural stones used in household fixtures. The quartz, combined with a polyester resin and Silestone’s vibro-compression system achieves this resistance making the material near on impossible to scratch or mark.

Made up of 94% natural quartz the high durability of Silestone coupled with its resistance to acid allows it to be manufactured with precision in a wide variety of high performance products.

silestone tiles stockists

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Siletstone is the perfect material for bathrooms as it is non porous making it much more resistant than other materials to water damage and many other potential stains.

Silestone are made with Microban antibacterial protection which helps the material reduce the likelihood of mould and fight bacteria such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Listeria. IIts bacteriostatic qualities make it perfect for areas such as bathrooms where the humidity and condensation make mould and bacteria much more likely than in other rooms.

Due to Silestone being highly durable, non-porous and bacteriostatic it requires no further treatment like many other natural stones that are utilised in bathrooms.

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Variety is never a problem with Silestone, available in over 50 different colours there’s a shade for every bathroom. Its versatile designs and product flexibility make it the perfect material for your home, proving both stylish and functional.

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