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Explore our handpicked 16 varieties of kitchen styles that can truly elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Taking a decision on a kitchen style in no walk in the park. It’s rightly viewed by homeowners everywhere as the trickiest kitchen design decision they ever had to make in their lives.

However, decision making could be a whole lot easier when you already have a clear-cut picture of your home’s design in your mind. Here at Beyond, our kitchen design experts have compiled a host of kitchen styles to help you make up your mind. Each of them is organised based on their style, helping you with the decision making process.

We are also including photos of the kitchens and detailed write-ups about the products.

As they say, the kitchen is where the heart is. Long gone are the days when you thought about the kitchen as just a place where you cook. Today, it’s widely regarded as the place where the magic happens; memories created and cherished for a lifetime. So, choose a kitchen style that is not just functional but movingly personal by nature.

Let’s take a quick tour of the popular kitchen styles that we picked out from hundreds of kitchen styles around the globe.

The more diverse your kitchen style, the more versatile and fluid it will be.

Traditional style

The trademarks of traditional style

  • Beautiful and modern aesthetics
  • Sophisticated American finish
  • Clean and sleek set up
  • Contemporary appearance

The traditional kitchen style is marked by its rustic appeal, retro structures and classic colour schemes. The purpose of a traditional kitchen is to combine tradition and contemporary elements to produce unique dynamics for the current times. The colour schemes used for these designs will exude a timeless charm. You will see spectacular white tiles and paint creating a refreshing contrast in the kitchen interiors. The visually stunning colour schemes offer a much-needed style to the decor.

The timeless charms are accentuated with elegant details such as glass cupboards and polished floors. The traditional kitchen is famous for its well-balanced aesthetics that are rich in details.

The contrasting colours are mutually complementary and offer a remarkable visual vocabulary.


The trademarks of contemporary style

  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Geometrical shapes
  • Simple design patterns
  • Artistic style

Contemporary kitchen styles are vastly popular among homeowners of all stripes. Just the utterance of the words should bring to mind elaborately styled contemporary designs that are refined yet casually polished. The contemporary designs combine a unique mixture of aesthetics and new-age colour schemes that are irresistible at first sight. If traditional designs showcase vintage details and patterns for creating a familiar appearance, the contemporary designs centre around modern artistry and minimalism.

As you can see from photos, contemporary designs are mostly devoid of frills. They tend to tone down the appearance without looking too austere for the imagination of homeowners. It’s easy for anybody to take notice of the complementary nature of contemporary designs as you can clearly see the difference between design elements, be they flooring, materials or colour schemes.

The application of design is often very restrained with the subtle touches of Zen aesthetics, thus giving you a sense of time, calmness and beauty.

The artistic foundation of contemporary designs has its roots in geometry. Therefore, these kitchen styles are perhaps most famous for their lack of symmetry. The geometrical shapes of the style give a rather spacious and comfy experience. The concrete flooring and elegant shades of chrome add a whole new dimension to the overall appearance of the kitchen. There is no strict rule to adorn your contemporary kitchen, nevertheless, the designs tend to be characterised by minimalist aesthetics and austere yet engaging colour patterns. Most of the time, it looks as if designs are urging you to embrace uncertainties of life in its full glory.

Transitional style

The trademarks of transitional style

  • Blend of traditional and contemporary elements
  • Minimalis design aesthetic
  • Eye-catching traditional style
  • Truly versatile setup

While integrating the luxury of the traditional kitchen environment, the transitional style exudes minimalism of a particular form. You can easily see the distinct interplay between tradition and modernity at the heart of transitional style. It’s worth noting that transitional designs make the best of both worlds by drawing from traditional and contemporary aspects of kitchen style. Modern and traditional elements are the most recurring theme in transitional style but they do give way to other design influences.

Of course, there are no strict rules to determine what you should and should not use in your transitional kitchen, but generally speaking, transaction style is aimed at attaining a harmonious balance between different materials.

Beach Style

The trademarks of Beach Style

  • Beach-inspired aesthetics
  • Shades of sunny and vibrant colours
  • Seagrass and Sand
  • Full of air and sunlight

Beach style carries the distinction of transporting you to the most refreshing lands of comfort. The beach-inspired aesthetics and breezy vibes have an intrinsic capacity to put you in the right frame of mind. The cool shades of the theme-driven style can set up a vacation-like atmosphere for everyone in the family. There is no shortage of inspiration and fun in the style that is gaining popularity all around the globe.

Among the most common features found in beach kitchen style are airy windows that let in ample amount of sunlight into the kitchen space. The coastal-inspired flooring is perfectly complemented by subtle hues that can caress you from top to bottom. The beachy vibes are found in everything from paint schemes to designs and style. The beach-inspired style of aesthetics can easily offer you resort-like vibes while giving new thematic ideas for experimentation.

Eclectic style

The trademarks of Eclectic style

  • Multifaceted kitchen design
  • Rich in personalised details
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Life-affirming colours and textures

Eclecticism as a concept is essentially an extension of the individual’s particular tastes and character. Therefore, when adopted in the kitchen decor, Eclectic style brings about an amazing mix of contrast, compositional harmony and beauty. The eclectic kitchen comprises a host of stylistic elements from bold colour schemes to personalised trinkets and various eye-catching textures.

Eclectic style has a unique way of helping the individual channel their internal and external self into the kitchen design. As a result, the kitchen style becomes more of a personal statement of the individual. When built properly, Eclectic has the unique capacity to speak for yourself and attest to your ideals. The style radiates a special kind of composure and confidence that you just wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Modern Style

The trademarks of modern style

  • Sophisticated design
  • World-class materials
  • Minimalist and simple construction
  • Beautiful silhouettes

The modern kitchen style is arguably the most beloved kitchen design among homeowners, owing to its contemporary sophistication and comforts. The best part about the kitchen style is that it is instantly recognisable everywhere. The style likes to keep the trimmings and decorations to a bare minimum. The minimal approach to decoration really helps kitchen dwellers to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the space. The countertop gets a subtle treatment and is painted with mild colour tones that easily demonstrates the quality of materials used.

Modern kitchens are generally known for including high-quality exotic materials that are a sight to behold. The modern kitchen style is imbued with luxury details that exude a unique elegance. It is built with the comforts of the kitchen dwellers in mind.

Craftsman style

The trademarks of craftsman style

  • Timeless kitchen design
  • High-quality natural materials
  • Rustic artistry
  • Marvellous craftsmanship

The Craftsman styled kitchen is vividly curated design that makes the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern comforts. For kitchen lovers, craftsman style evokes an organic sensation that one cannot experience in any other kitchen style. Perhaps, it’s this capacity to simultaneously comfort and excite you that makes craftsman style a favourite choice among homeowners.

The style came into prominence following 20th-century arts and crafts movement. Ever since then, the artisanal design has come to influence architecture. The handbuilt kitchen equipment and cabinets grew in popularity. As time passed craftsman style has today become an integral part of kitchen design. Handcrafted materials are well-refined and bring with them durability and world-class quality. Carefully designed using natural materials, craftsman styled kitchen can withstand the test of time and offer the real warmth of the environment. They are always built with natural materials and are available in various shades of brown. Elaborate woodworks adorn the kitchen space and add a whole artisan-inspired dimension to the environment.

Farmhouse style

The trademarks of Farmhouse style

  • Personalised and cosy environment
  • Eye-catching decoration
  • Rich in organic and natural details
  • Full of high-quality materials
  • Country-inspired kitchen space

The farmhouse style kitchen combines the rustic elements of country-life living and modern comforts to an amazing effect. The farmhouse design usually comprises of everything from natural materials to organic design and contemporary embellishments. The design concept is considerably famous for offering the most nostalgic experience of a special place and time all within the confines of your kitchen space. The style is loved by kitchen dwellers for the cosy atmosphere it produces. The decorations are gorgeously accentuated by the china sets and rustic materials that set up a deeply personalised and sentimental dynamic all over the space.

The farmhouse style is rich in its personal details as it gives nostalgic nodes to a specific time by incorporating vintage materials into the design. The design is rich in personal details. Every little detail of the farmhouse retains a personal charm and curates a rustic story. You can’t miss the emphasis given on wooden features that offer a genuine blend of natural texture and colour tones. The vibrant hues feature prominently in the design, complemented primarily by beautiful flowers and baskets full of fruits. Countertops are built using the finest wood and is equipped with powerful functionalities.

Rustic style

The trademarks of rustic style

  • A multi-layered approach to design
  • Teeming with natural wood and stone
  • Nature-driven kitchen style
  • Cosy interiors

The rustic style is growing in popularity among homeowners for their versatility and multi-faceted functionalities. Diverse at its core, the rustic style is designed to accommodate all types of personal details that will help your kitchen decor to stand out like your personal creation. The rustic kitchen comprises mostly of refined wood and stone. It also includes design elements like handwoven clothes with beautiful strands and fibres, natural finishes and elegant textures.

The rustic style kitchen shares similarities with craftsman kitchens but differs greatly in its approach towards incorporating a variety of influences into its design. The style makes a point of sticking to the nature-driven design in every respect. Rustic design lets kitchen lovers to be in close communion with nature, and creates moving imageries of realism and simplicity.

The farmhouse style is rich in its personal details as it gives nostalgic nodes to a specific time by incorporating vintage materials into the design. The design is rich in personal details. Every little detail of the farmhouse retains a personal charm and curates a rustic story. You can’t miss the emphasis given on wooden features that offer a genuine blend of natural texture and colour tones. The vibrant hues feature prominently in the design, complemented primarily by beautiful flowers and baskets full of fruits. Countertops are built using the finest wood and is equipped with powerful functionalities.

Mediterranean style

The trademarks of Mediterranean style

  • Classical Grecian design
  • Elaborate stylish details
  • Ancient ornamentation
  • Experimental colour schemes

The Mediterranean style heavily draws on classical Grecian aesthetics, evoking strong images of art, cultural identities and beauty from the ancient age. The Greek-inspired kitchen design has the capacity to move you to bits with its classical ideals of beauty. The design subtly blends earthy colour tones and timeless techniques to transport you to a different time and space of the world.

Visual elements are the driving force of the Mediterranean style kitchen. The combination of terra cotta shades, elaborately designed mosaic tiles and sleek furniture sets up a pristine classical atmosphere in your kitchen space. It’s worth noting that textured walls and high-quality mosaic tiles feature prominently in the Mediterranean design. The kitchen design always provides room for creativity and innovation.

Asian style

The trademarks of Asian style

  • Minimalist interiors and design
  • Perfect harmony
  • Distinct colour contrast
  • Organic materials

The Asian inspired kitchen draws its influences from cultures as diverse as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The delicately formed intricate designs offer a broad range of arrangements with roots in various cultures. As a result, Asian inspired kitchens tend to be a unique fusion of inspirations. It’s the diversity of the design that ticks all the stylistic boxes. Although it’s viewed widely as an exotic fusion of cultures, Asian style kitchen is equally famous for bringing about the beauty in nature and serenity and organic simplicity in its designs. Different life-affirming elements in the Asian kitchen combine seamlessly to curate tales of various cultures.

An organic simplicity pervades every element of an Asian-inspired kitchen. It upholds the ideals of clarity over confusion and incorporates into its design a visual language that speaks volumes about your personality. You can experiment with any materials as long as you don’t disrupt its organic flow. The concept of harmony lies at the heart of the Asian aesthetic. The decoration is applied with a touch of subtlety and sophistication. The designs are minimalist in nature and always strive to attain a carefully balanced harmony.

Industrial style

The trademarks of Industrial style

  • A perfect mix of bricks, metals and wood
  • High-end designs
  • The contrasting use of colours

Conceptually speaking, industrial style kitchen is perfect for homeowners who are huge believers in professionalism. The industrial kitchen may not be everyone’s cup of tea, understandably so, but it is surely the epitome of style and is head and shoulders above its counterparts in that regard. The sleek and extremely stylish design is renowned for bringing about exceptional productivity, thanks to its utilitarian set up.

Industrial kitchens as we know them today, owe their origin to the industrial revolution and came into prominence particularly in the 80s and 90s. People started to seriously consider the benefits of building a professional-looking kitchen in their homes.

The kitchen surface is specifically designed to make the cleanup process easy. Elegantly built worktops offer a real professional appearance to your kitchen space. In addition to the sophisticated design, the industrial kitchen is also famous for its versatility which makes it a favourite among homeowners. While the stainless steel gives the kitchen space a clinical look, the tiled interiors allow for an easier cleaning process.

Scandinavian style

The trademarks of Scandinavian style

  • Remarkable functionality
  • A unique combination of form and function
  • Pure aesthetics
  • Minimalist design

Scandinavian-inspired kitchens are popular for their remarkable combination of form and function that produces a pleasant ambience. The best part about Scandinavian style is its compatibility that blends in with pretty much all kinds of homes. At the heart of this minimalist style is a unique mixture of plainness, efficiency and cheerfulness associated with the designs required to beat the Nordic winters. The design has been widely adopted all over the world to build refreshing styles. The minimalist kitchen style offers every element from warm colours to natural wood and textures necessary to make a flawless modern kitchen.

When implemented effectively, Scandinavian design can help you save money on the renovation of your kitchen space. The style’s high-end compatibility and functionality will allow you to revamp the stylistic themes of your kitchen with real ease. Such is the usability level and functional economy of Scandinavian style that once you have tried it out, you will never have to look back.

Mid-century modern

The trademarks of Mid-century modern

  • White with shades of colour
  • Clean kitchen interiors
  • Straight lines
  • A hint of glam

The mid-century modern style continues to be one of the most widely preferred kitchen designs of homeowners all over the country. The popularity of the kitchen design is primarily due to its flexibility. The design is perfectly designed to blend with all types of styles including classic, traditional and modern. Thousands of contemporary homes in the UK have benefited considerably from installing a mid-century inspired kitchen. Whether you want to build a stunning cooking space or experiment with the latest trends, the mid century-inspired kitchen is your ultimate answer.

The mid-century style adds a personalised charm to your kitchen with its elaborate appliances, vibrantly painted countertops and vintage kitchen accessories. It’s got an inherent warmth that is matched only by the pure experience it offers to kitchen dwellers. The mid-century design places great emphasis on the lighting and the view afforded to the kitchen in perfect alignment with the principles of the mid-century modern house.

Shabby Chic style

The trademarks of Shabby Chic style

  • Glamorous designs
  • Personalise kitchen style
  • Distressed tables
  • Vibrant colour tones

The shabby chic design offers the perfect mix of understated style and rustic vibes to kitchens. The design has its roots in country-inspired kitchens and is focused on delivering a personalised experience for kitchen dwellers. The shabby chic style is not just concerned with the appearance of the kitchen, but also with the practical implications of the style in everyday life. Since the design borrows influences from a host of styles, including modern, rustic and industrial, it is very diverse in its nature.

Whites and neutrals feature heavily in the colour schemes of shabby chic kitchen style. The idea is to deploy these colours on the interiors, and thus instil a new vigour of life into the activities in the cooking area. In order to give the kitchen an ultra-chic feel, homeowners are known for applying the colour tones on kitchen appliances, lights and cabinetry.

Southwestern style

The trademarks of Southwestern style

Found in adobe houses (and faux adobe) in the Southwestern region of the USA.

  • Similar style attributes to the more country Mediterranean style.
  • Plenty of tile work – earth tones mainly.
  • Brick and wood.
  • Arches.
  • Cavernous.
  • Shares similarities with Mediterranean style
  • Refined and earthy tile work
  • The right mix of brick and wood
  • Eclectic influences
  • Vibrant colours

The design is in the details and the Southwestern style is full of intricate details that have made it a popular choice. The southwestern design brings an incredible combination of American and Spanish influences to the kitchen. Simplicity is at the centre of the Southwest style which always brims with complex themes, rustic elements and natural colour. The style deploys the most refined wood and is preferred by homeowners for using high-quality materials. The intrinsic warmth and allure of the style are just too irresistible.

The southwestern design comes with a great deal of compatibility and urges homeowners to experiment beyond the confines of southwest set up. Hence, you see the Southwest style deploying an eclectic range of aesthetics to make the hardware, lighting and flooring more appealing to the eyes.

Now that you know how to look for the perfect kitchen design for your home, it all boils down to finding the best kitchen styles provider who can provide you with with the whole gamut of solutions under one roof.

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