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Your essential guide to selecting the perfect kitchen layout for your home

There are fewer things that have a more direct influence on your everyday life than a kitchen. It’s the one place where you end up spending a large part of your waking hours at home, be it cooking, dining, socialising or just having a good time. In a way, whether you like it or not, the kitchen is the centre of your home universe. And just like the universe, your kitchen needs some proper fine-tuning to function effectively. It’s one thing to cobble together interior elements or finalise the cabinet, flooring options and kitchen appliances, but a whole different game to find the right kitchen layout for your home.

On the one hand, you are not willing to compromise on the look of your ideal kitchen space, and on the other hand, you know deep down that what really matters, in the end, is the functionality of the kitchen.

So, how do you find a kitchen layout that has the perfect blend of form and function?

Well, start by taking some time to look at all the options you have at your disposal and get professional guidance to help you choose a layout that will ensure your kitchen looks more stunning and functional than ever.

You can’t let your kitchen layout get in the way of your plans for a renovation. The goal is to pick a layout that suits your lifestyle and offers greater freedom for innovation and experimentation.

Before you get started, you may want to check out this article about 16 popular kitchen designs compiled by our Kitchen Design Specialists.

Now let’s look at some tried and tested way to transform your kitchen into an amazing place.


Every time any discussion about revamping a kitchen comes up, you’re probably looking into reworking countertops, upgrading your appliances or redesigning your cabinets. But if you’re really serious about revamping your kitchen, you and your designer should consider rethinking the whole structure of your kitchen. This is where you start to look at different floor-layout options for your kitchen and how to get the most out of the space.

L shaped kitchen layouts

L-shaped kitchen designs are one of the most preferred layouts in homes across the United Kingdom, owing greatly to its capacity to solve problems related to corner space utilisation. The layout is tailor-made for both small and medium-sized kitchen spaces and smartly maximises the corner space, making the cooking area more efficient. The typical L-shaped kitchen layout comes with a countertop running perpendicularly across the L-shaped surface. Then homeowners determine the length of the L shape based on their spatial preferences. However, a length of 12-15 feet is the recommended measurement if you want to make the most of your kitchen space.

“L-shaped kitchen layout organically creates an illusion of space”

The L-shaped layout is designed specifically for people who want to do away with the unnecessary traffic in the kitchen space while at the same time enjoy the efficient mobility it affords. The layout is also widely adopted due to its versatility and the scope for expanding and experimenting with kitchen ideas. Homeowners can add various work areas and dining space to the layout. The popular layout is also praised for its compatibility with different configurations; efficient space utilisation ensures there is enough room for multiple cooks to operate at the same time.

Benefits of using L-shaped layouts

  • The utilitarian design gets the best out of the kitchen triangle
  • The layout holds the distinction of offering maximum countertop space
  • No cabinets get in the way of adding a kitchen island
  • Include furniture and seating arrangement with ease
U-shaped kitchen layouts

The U-shaped layout offers the most practical answer to all kitchen troubles, irrespective of the size and style of the space. With a U-shaped Kitchen layout, homeowners get to have the best of both worlds. From ample space for storage to a cosy dining area, the U-shaped layout offers everything you would come to expect of a big kitchen. The three-walled layout consists of spacious countertops and workspaces, and more importantly, leaves room for installing a kitchen island in the middle.

U-shaped kitchen brings a type of versatility that helps it to gel with Kitchens of all stripes.

The best part about adopting a U-shaped kitchen is that it’s equipped with not just high-end features but functionality to attain its true potential. It allows you to make the most of the space and perform everyday tasks with increased efficiency. The spacious nature of the U-shaped kitchen layout is the best choice for people who like spending lots of time in the kitchen for cooking or casual get-togethers. The bigger kitchen space has convinced many homeowners to turn it into a communal family room of sort.

Benefits of using U-shaped layouts

  • The classic principle of the kitchen triangle ensures effective workflow
  • The closed-end walls offer ample space to add more cabinets.
  • Enhanced working efficiency
  • Enough space to accommodate new members.
  • Lets you add more valuable features into space
Design your Kitchen in 3D

Every homeowner has their own ideas of what makes an ideal kitchen. Beyond Bathrooms designs its customers’ kitchens with the express purpose of satiating the unique taste of each individual. With a vast array of styles, colours and sizes at your disposal, it’s all the more important to be systematic in your approach to design perfection. This is where Beyond Bathroom’s 3D Kitchen planner can come to your rescue!

Once designed by our experts, you can visualise the kitchen you always dreamed of designing at your home in just a few clicks. The professional 3D design will help you visualise all the coordinating elements necessary to build a fully functional, yet beautiful kitchen.

Whether you have just bought a brand new home or you’re renovating your kitchen on a shoestring budget for the first time, it will do you a world of good to benefit from a 3D kitchen design.

Tips for improving the functionality of a kitchen design layout


Cancelling out the traffic

The kitchen is arguably the most bustling place in the house. Unsurprisingly, the kitchen attracts a huge amount of traffic. The last thing you need is to have a kitchen overcrowded by people. We recommend you include a porch in your design layout, ideally just outside the kitchen so that it keeps the dirt and dust away.


Sufficient space between main fixtures

Make sure you layout kitchen fixtures and appliances within comfortable proximity to each other when designing the features of your kitchen, so that nothing interferes with everyday routine activities like cooking, serving and cleaning. Placing fixtures too close to one another can easily affect the workflow and experience for people in the kitchen. You want to place the kitchen appliances in the right place with a comfortable distance between them. The big idea is to make everything available well within your reach for more efficient operation.


Putting the kitchen island in the right place

The kitchen island is the place where the magic happens, namely meal preparation. When deciding where you should place the design elements, don’t forget about the kitchen island. You need to place it in such a way that it does not block out the space located to other appliances in the kitchen. It’s important to give enough space for the door swing of appliances, such as the oven and refrigerator. Also, make room for when the doors of the appliances are opened. And, most

importantly, place your kitchen island within arm’s reach away from all the essential appliances.

It’s a terrible idea to venture into kitchen design with the sole purpose of saving money. In fact, you can end up losing more money and leaving major dents to your hopes of building an ideal kitchen.

Drawing on many years of experience the professional kitchen designers at Beyond Bathrooms possess, can help you turn the kitchen of your dreams into reality.

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