Designer Heating: Our top picks!

designer towel rails

Designer Heating: Our top picks!

With winter well and truly on its way, this week we’re talking about heating.  Designer radiators to be precise!

Bathroom heating has come a long way since the introduction of the typical ladder towel rail.  Although these are still popular people are now looking for something a little bit different.  Rather than just a way to provide heat, radiators are now being used to make a statement and become the focal point of a room.

From timeless classics to cutting edge designs a well-chosen radiator will add style and luxury to any room.

There are so many options available when it comes to style, colour and finish we have put together some of our favourites:

the chime towel rail

Taking the top spot is ‘The Chime’.  It’s one of our best sellers and you can see why.  Made from highly polished stainless steel and with its attractive design this towel radiator is perfect for absolutely any bathroom.  It comes in a 3 different sizes and can be installed with the horizontal tubes to the left or the right.  Its chunky rails allow towels to be easily slid on and off and we love it!  It’s also available to view in our showroom.

hot hoop towel rail from Beyond

If you’re looking for something that really changes the way you look at bathroom radiators then the Hot Hoop could be for you.  It’s simple yet innovative design really works and its stainless steel mirror finish adds to its flair.  It comes in 3 sizes and has cleverly designed, unobtrusive valves included.  To really make a statement hang two or more!

quill towel rail

The elegant ‘Quill’ is a great example of how bathroom heating can be stylish as well as practical.  With its highly polished stainless steel tubes and looping rail to allow plenty of space for towels this streamlined radiator would complement any bathroom.  We think this works particularly well in a traditional or contemporary setting and for those wanting to mix old and new.

orbit towel rail

We love the looping tubes of the ‘Orbit’ towel radiator which really maximises the space for hanging towels and is perfect for a family bathroom.  It’s a new twist on an old favourite and has cleverly hidden air vents to complete its neat look.

metroplitan towel rail

To add a touch of elegance to an urban or modern styled room the ‘Metropolitan’ spa inspired radiator is a perfect addition.  It comes in various colour options, has plenty of space for towels to dry and its attractive, geometric cut-outs really make this stand out.

bathroom radiator

There are so many sizes and finishes available including the option of made-to-order, curved and angled making the ‘classic’ one of the most versatile radiators around.      Whether you’re looking for a radiator that blends in to its surroundings or one that’s particular striking, from modern to traditional we think this timeless classic has everything covered.  It comes in pretty much any colour you can think of… even gold (a trend we think will be popular in 2016).

So as you can see from our list above, designer heating really has evolved from your average radiator.  There are now so many more stylish options available, in a multitude or colours and finishes you’re sure to find something that suits you.

All products and images shown are curtesy of the Zehnder Group and available to buy from Beyond Bathrooms.  Check out our website for a list of our other leading heating suppliers or pop into our showroom to view an array of heating on display.

Posted by Ross Crawford

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