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Maximising your bathroom space

Remember a bathroom should first and foremost be practical and functional to meet everyone s needs but it should also be a space to relax.

Here are our top tips designed to get you thinking about your own bathroom…whether you’re looking to completely re design your space or maximise what you already have.


Bathroom Storage

Storage is probably the most important aspect of any bathroom...or any room in the house come to think of it.  A cluttered bathroom will only make your space appear even smaller.

  • Choose a basin and toilet which incorporates internal storage drawers and cupboards to utilise the otherwise unused space below.  This not only looks stylish but will give you a place to hide away all your bathroom toiletries and towels.
  • Many basin units also come with co-ordinated cabinets.  For maximum storage chose a tall tower unit with shelving.  These may be slim line but trust us when we say they accommodate a HUGE amount of stuff.
  • A Mirrored cabinet will also provide handy storage as well as making the space feel bigger.
space saving furniture
space saving

It’s just an illusion

Simple tricks to create the illusion of space are sometimes all a bathroom needs.

  • Effective mood lighting or an illuminated mirror for example can help to highlight every corner of the room.
  • A large mirror can also provide the illusion of extra space, reflecting the room around you and adding light and space to your bathroom.
  • Think about colour.  Lighter units and tiles will instantly make a room seem bigger.  Large tiles and horizontal patterns will also give the appearance of width.
  • Glossy finishes will reflect the light.
  • Rounded or curved units reduce the overall projection into the room as well creating a softer feel to a bathroom.
  • Even a lick of paint in a lighter shade will help give the impression of more space.


Compact bathroom solutions

There are many products out there which are specifically designed to work in a smaller space.

  • Short projection toilets which help to maximise on floor space.
  • Slim line basins and reduced depth units.
  • Corner basin units which are especially useful in small bathrooms or en suites and also provide much needed storage.
  • Shower baths which offer both the option of a relaxing bath or invigorating shower in one.
  • Space saving baths which taper off at one end particularly useful to fit around problem areas such as doorways and windows.
  • Bi fold or sliding showers doors which do not impact on the available space around the bathroom unlike typically hinged doors which open out into the bathroom.
  • Quadrant shower trays which are more space efficient than rectangular or square.
  • Anything wall hung to maximise on floor space as the more further into the room your eye can see the bigger it will feel.
compact furniture solutions
compact furniture space saving

We particularly love the Concept Collection from Ideal Standard available at Beyond Bathrooms.  With many products shaped to fit even the smallest or most awkward space the concept range has a number of compact solutions in an array of finishes and sizes.


So take these tips and make the most of your space however best works for you.

If you have any tips to share yourself let us know through our social media pages and don’t forget to share this story!

The Beyond Bathrooms Team.

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