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More than just ‘bog standard’

Toilets may not always be looked upon as the most stylish of facilities but that’s all about to change.

The new Aquablade toilet by Ideal Standard is making waves in the bathroom industry as the next big thing, its sleek contemporary styling is just one of the many reasons the Aquablade is paving the way for future development in toilet design.

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Posted by Beyond Bathrooms on Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy cleaning

Some of the Aquablade’s key features are its reduced rim and flushing method, the reduced rim allows for easier cleaning and a better standard of hygiene as a larger surface area of the bowl is then covered by flushing.

Upon flushing, the Aquablade creates a pressurised blade of water that cleans the surface area of the bowl at an oblique angle for maximum hygiene.  By forcing water around the bowl from back to front as well as the traditional downwards flush, the Aquablade manages to cover 95% of the bowls surface area when rinsing, whilst creating a strong jet to drive away solid matter.  When flushing the Aquablade creates far less unhygienic splashing than a regular toilet and allows for a quieter, smoother flush that doesn’t require any further cleaning afterwards.

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aquablade toilet

Revolutionary design

If you’re looking to improve the look of your bathroom and impress your guests the Aquablade’s sleek and elegant design was made for just that, with eight out of Ten consumers saying they preferred the look of the Aquablade rimless technology to standard box rim toilets.

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Improved hygiene

In terms of hygiene the Aquablade is unrivalled and outperforms all existing toilets. Standard box rim toilets often leave approximately 20% of their surface unclean when flushing, as opposed to the Aquablade that covers 100% of the area below the channel. Rimless toilets often create unhygienic mess by splashing dirty water over the rim and releasing bacteria into the air, this hygiene risk is prevented by the Aquablade’s smooth flushing system.

Introducing the Tonic II range….

This unique and stylish toilet is all part of Ideal Standard’s Tonic II range, with all its products designed with a timeless feel and optimum practicality in mind.

ideal standard bathroom range

For further information on the Ideal Standard’s Tonic II range call us on 01276 686904 or be sure to visit us at our showroom. 

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